The ARCH+DSGN Summit is an international architecture and design event held every year in Istanbul. Unlike other events, ARCH+DSGN, which brings together the disciplines of architecture and design on the same platform, offers comprehensive content with its conference, fair, workshop, and exhibition concept.

ARCH + DSGN 2018 hosted many architects, designers, academicians and industry professionals, more than a hundred companies and thousands of guests. Many events, panels, workshops, exhibitions, company stands were organized for 2 days to give participants the opportunity to experience what architecture and design are today.


ARCH + DSGN visual design approaches are renewed according to the changing concept of the summit. Instead of the three-dimensional logo we used in the first year of ARCH + DSGN, we reconstructed all designs with parallel lines from an isometric perspective. In this way, the lines that go parallel to each other represent the  ‘harmony‘ and ‘working together’ within the summit.


The entire visual design concept is focused on simplifying processes and optimizing strategies; therefore we decided to use the primary geometric shapes to build the foundation of the whole branding. These combined contributed to the creation of a constructive logo, a unique iconography, and versatile patterns.


Our approach to ARCH+DSGN Summit visual design elements embodies a minimalist, brighter feeling as we played with the relationship of the logo on dark red and grey backgrounds, with periodic accents of black and white patterns.


We created an identity that based on current trends, yet envisions and refers to the future. That is represented with contemporary color palette, imagery, and the logotype by mashing together a traditional Grotesk with a futuristic typeface. To push the language of the ARCH+DSGN visual identity forward, we used Nexa font with different weights and sizes.

Mimari Etkinlik Merkezi
Branding, Motion Graphics, Film, Print