The advanced level of technology and experience that reached in health sector in Turkey, has attracted the attention of many patients abroad in recent years. Almedica, which has provided medical equipment support to many healthcare institutions in the past, also increases its investments in the field of rapidly growing health tourism and already served thousands of customers in the equation of high quality and reasonable prices.

After starting its activities in the field of health tourism, Almedica achieved a significant success in a short time and became one of the leading companies in the sector. Almedica, which is looking for a stronger and more memorable corporate identity in the sector, where competition and growth is very fast, contacted us by being influenced by our projects in a similar field.


Almedica’s years of experience and know-how in the health sector have enabled it to establish strong partnerships with the healthcare institutions it has worked with. For this reason, it has the advantage of providing more accurate and competent services than the services of only tourism-oriented companies in the sector.

For Almedica, who wants to reflect this strength in its corporate identity in the simplest and most effective way, we have used the idea of ​​’medicine bowl’, which contains all health solutions together.


Our partnership with Almedica presented an opportunity to combine the aesthetic sensibilities of the medical and tourism industries in a unique and beautiful way. We focused on telling the visual story of the patients that best represents the inherent value proposition that Almedica presents for their clients.

We also emphasized the brand perception and its message by using the drug bowl in the logotype design of the Almedica brand. We wanted the brand to be both minimal and simple enough for anyone to understand. We also applied the logo to the floors with high contrast so that the emphasis on readability and difference has always come to the fore in different applications.


We created a high contrast color palette to reveal the visibility and difference of Almedica. Red, White and Golden yellow color combinations symbolize both the quality and the value we give to our patients, and were used in detail on all products and in interior design.


Since the symbol of Almedica and the logotype design contained the same figure, it easily demonstrated both the main idea and the design integrity. We have modified the Klavika font from scratch and reshaped it and used the whole font family in all graphic applications.

Branding, Motion, Print