ARCH + DSGN International Architecture and Design Summit, which was first realized by the Architectural Event Center in 2017, is an event that hosts the most important names in the fields of architecture and design. Arch+Dsgn was founded to advance the Turkish architecture and design culture among the international markets and it is the only summit in Turkey  to gather architects, designers, academics, professionals and students in an multidisciplinary approach.


Combining Architecture and Design disciplines on the same platform, we wanted to develop a balanced and variable design concept for ARCH+DSGN. So we simplify the brand name with a plus sign.


For the ARCH+DSGN visual concept, we designed a symbol using a typographic approach. We turned the letter A and N into a strong, balanced and dynamic figure which can be used in different angles. That suggested the idea of being open to new ideas, making new connections and also making it transparent to everyone.


As ARCH + DSGN positions its brand image on the concept of prestige and togetherness, we have determined red, dark gray and cream colors with high contrast and effect as the main palette.


We use Nexa font family both for logo and typographic systems. Nexa font was an excellent choice for both legibility and composition.

Mimari Etkinlik Merkezi
Branding, Motion Graphics, Print, Film