Powered by the EcoTech System, Euroclean brings you sustainable, efficient, thorough dry cleaning that is backed by the latest technology. Their expertise in dry cleaning includes a variety of fabrics, textures, and finishes on the clothing from everyday attire to evening wear. Along with the commonly used garment fabrics, Euroclean tackle the hard to clean, such as: leather, suede, velvet, taffeta, silk, wool, and other specialty fabrics for clothing and area rugs. Whether it’s casual or formal, tailored or custom, designer or department, leave the dry cleaning to Euroclean

Freshness with professional approach—

We were commissioned to design the logotype and the corporate identity for the Euroclean , We designed the logo, as a visual representation of the wave with a group of lines that seem to flow, while illustrating the power and uniqueness of the company. The dominant element of the corporate identity are transparent forms from the logo that help extending the symbolism of an evolving route.


We have created a brand identity that can give the users the grace of their products and give them a special feeling. We have created the designs that are compatible with the brand’s target audience with a simple, minimal and efficient design approach.


The circle is the most primitive and simple shape but yet so powerful, profound and full of meaning. Since the first human looked up to the sky and saw the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars, the circle lies in our dreams, in our nature, and it has influenced in every creation by men and women.
We decided this shape to be the starting point for the Euroclean image.
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