Kuda is an independent production company that works as a creative space where ideas flow naturally with the intention of creating honest and culture oriented audiovisual content. They stand out for their documentary films on ancient civilizations.

Kuda means the viewer/observer in Turkish. The visual identity was developed on the ancient Passepa alphabet which has no relation to the latin characters.


We took references from shamanic symbols of singularity and capturing moments. The result was a strong and dynamic animation based upon the minimalist forms of animals, people, stars and environment where they have been widely used on spiritual drums for Shamanic rituals.


The symbol that the brand is based on is the cam drum, which is very well known in ancient Turkish mythology. Drum is the most important ritual tool for Turkish people and the symbols on the drum include the distinction between earth and sky, heaven and hell, horses, deers, birds, people, mountains, souls, sun, moon and stars which has so much meaning.


We take drum skin, soil and sun as references to brands color pallette.


We created a logo based on the ancient alphabet, without changing the objects on the cam drum. We animated the creation of the logo as it is emerging from soil.

Art Direction, Branding, Motion Graphics