Kuda is a film production company that stands out for its documentary films on ancient civilizations. Kuda means the viewer/observer in Turkish. Kuda film has chosen us for the design of its visual identity and brand animation. The visual identity was developed on the ancient Passepa alphabet which has no relation to the latin characters.

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21 September, 2014
Art Direction, Branding, Motion Graphics

Logo Animation

We took references from shamanic symbols of singularity and capturing moments. The result was a strong and dynamic animation based upon the minimalist forms of animals, people, stars and environment where they have been widely used on spiritual drums for Shamanic rituals.

Shaman Ideograms

Shamanistic images are taken into account in the context of pictorial expression; the content of a study, they are open to all kinds of changes as they contribute to form and original formation.

The Meaning

So in a working phase; with the change of colors and colors undergo. Sometimes they can get out of their real meaning. During artistic cruising excited dreams are animated images.

Ancient Creativity

Person in the process of the formation of his own work when they enter, and often use the subconscious ability to organize his own work. In other words, it takes the consciousness of the subconscious and performs it at the level of consciousness

Kuda Film Branding

The logo animations is a starter for every film produced by Kuda.