KUVARS (Quartz in Turkish) is a young, sociable, inspiring and dynamic software company that incorporates virtual and augmented reality technologies. Aiming to enrich the perspectives of business partners at the point of digital transformation that is required for all sectors in our age, KUVARS ensures that these enriched perspectives can be realized by providing concept development, strategy creation, project design, software and technology support for all kinds of VR and AR projects.


Kuvars is a valuable mineral used for magic in ancient times. Although it has many types in crystal stone form, it is usually transparent like glass. Thanks to this feature, it changes the view of objects by breaking the light. The kuvars name became a brand because it contains the letters VAR (Virtual Augmented Reality), changes the perception of reality and it is also an electronic frequency constant as a reference to the digital world.


We designed the Kuvars emblem as a geometric crystal to represent the potential use of VAR technologies. The crystal also resemble the paranthesis where Kuvars projects has so much to tell about the future of mixed reality.


As a brand color, we preferred the turquoise color because Kuvars is both a Turkish company and in transparent color.


We used  Brandon Text font family with different weights since the company projects can vary from simple to very complicated. We also increased the letter spacing in order to evoke freedom.