TechMagica is a multinational IT company that supports many international technology startup companies, especially in mobile solutions, with 20 years of experience. Leveraging the deep industry knowledge and functional insight TechMagica enable companies to gain higher ROIs from their IT investments.


The brand name is a combination of technology and magic. Based on this, we have combined the magic wand and mouse cursor to emphasize the meaning of both words. At the same time, we made a reference to the star symbol to show the perfection of the company services.


Since Techmagica is a company that focuses on extraordinary and creative solutions for the needs of new generation IT companies, we have designed a vibrant and eye-catching visual identity. In accordance with the design understanding of the new generation, we have created a more flexible, colorful and transformable logo instead of boring logos of technology companies.


Here, we created a vivid gradient between vibrant dark blue and purple colors, and alternatives with dark and light backgrounds to further emphasize all this liveliness.  Blue is a technological color. In contrast purple stands for the exciting magic of IT. And the gradients between blue and purple is the essence of our brand message.


In order to support the younger and more dynamic image of the brand, we used Variable Font, a font with more rounded lines. We made a balance between the concepts by using two different families of the font to highlight the words technology and magic.

Art Direction, Branding