This is our award-winning animation work at  International Promotion Film Competition organized by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2015. The theme of the competition was ‘Turkey Fascinates’ and it was aimed to show the film in all tourism agencies abroad.


To reflect the cultural and touristic wealth of Turkey, we developed the idea from the promise of Mevlana Rumi, one of the most beloved mystic and poet. He says ‘Come whoever you are!’ As a message of peace, tolerance and coexistance, it was a perfect invitation for the people not noly to discover their historical roots and culturel heritages we still share today, but also discover themselves too.


We designed 4 different characters to show the strong connections between the past and the present. So an anthropologist becomes a voyager, a shopping girl turns into a goddess, a pool boy becomes a soldier and a businessman turns into a sultan. The transition between past ve today is also represented by important architectural symbols still alive today. We also designed the animated logo for the campaign.


We used our traditional ‘Turquise’ color which takes its name from Turkey, and also keep the models color bright to look as much as alive possible.


For the transition between eras, we choosed best suitable typefaces representing their time. It also bring us a combination of different styles and look which fits to our cross-cultural message within the film

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkish Republic
Branding, Character Design, Animation, Motion