Visera is a tech startup company that works with systems. From accounting software to PoS, it serves a wide range of clients who are mainly locals and in need to reduce the business hassle.The software produced are customized for every business needs and industry specifications with the features necessary integrated. Visera does not only work on getting the software done, but then try to make sure its look and feel is modern and suitable for user interaction.


The brand positioning and its promise of value are translated into a brief, yet strong and suggestive message: “Freedom for smart businesses.”. The motto expresses the brand vision to change the perspective on acoounting solutions in an online environment. In this way, accounting is no longer the final intent, but only an outcome of the interaction between the company, its customers and its bank. Creating engagement becomes the interaction’s scope.


The graphic elements in the new logo suggest the transition from a limited, confined area, specific to traditional retail and the accounting system, to a broad horizon, open to new opportunities to interconnect, placing the brand in a dynamic, actual, digital environment.

The wing for letter V clearly reveals the freedom idea as the wings of a bird, from complicated tasks and processes to one click solutions.


These are the brand main colors which are used as the dominant color palette for all internal and external visual presentation of the brand and the products.


For the wordmark we chose to design a typeface with dynamic look, appropriate for the industry, but friendly, with rounded characters, at the same time, to express the idea of interaction, closeness to the customers, easiness in using the Visera products.

Visea Yazılım
Branding, Packaging, Art Direction